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Melanie Stark, M.Ed.

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National Trainer - Keynote Speaker!

Melanie Stark, M.Ed.

Melanie Stark, a teacher, devoted mother of two, and former professional clown, is known for turning average child discipline workshops on their heads! Using motivation, inspiration, and humor, she offers parents and educators new building blocks to help you develop your OWN unique style and intuition. The fact is, you are already doing a better job than you think you are!

Mrs. Stark leaves her audience electrified with proven and practical strategies that can be implemented in your home or classroom as early as tomorrow morning. She believes educators have the toughest job in America, and parents have the toughest job in the world. Melanie understands that children have wide ranging cognitive abilities, assets, and experiences. The “one size fits all” approach simply does not work. 

One of the biggest unchallenged assumptions today (especially by politicians) is that kids are always willing and ready to learn. Parents and educators know that this is not the case. We have a new millennial generation of kids that all of us generation x's and y's are trying to figure out together. With criticism and judgment from every side, it is easy to forget that you already possess the intrinsic knowledge of what is best for your students and your children. While new tips and strategies are always beneficial, Melanie Stark teaches you how to return to that natural instinct that has always been a part of you.