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Melanie Stark, M.Ed.

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"Parents: You Got This!"
Do you ever stress about the fact that everyone seems to have advice on how to raise your child, but no matter what you do, you just can't measure up to their expectations? This parenting workshop is unlike any you have ever attended. Effective discipline is not a "one size fits all" science. It is an art that can be cultivated with just a few building blocks. You will learn some of the best kept secrets that teachers and other professionals know about managing problem behaviors and how you can use them at home as soon as tomorrow morning! These include teaching to expectations, refocusing problem behaviors, and eliminating power struggles. You will also learn some of the psychology behind your child’s most puzzling misbehavior. But the biggest takeaway? You will gain the confidence to trust your own intuition over well meaning relatives and friends.

Classroom Management for Substitute Teachers and Volunteers:

"Reignite Your Passion for Teaching"
Whether you are a professional teacher, substitute, or volunteer, this training will help you eliminate 70-90% of chronic problem classroom behaviors. Lack of classroom management is the number one reason why educators are leaving the profession. The truth is that kids are NOT coming to school willing and ready to learn. The main missing ingredient?  Nurturing with clear expectations. When students know how much you care, they will work harder and challenge you less.

Focus on ​Religious Education 

"Students! Please! Have mercy on ME!!"
Do you ever feel like you could use some mercy from your own classroom? Classroom management is the main reason for teacher burnout. Come learn how to teach the expectations for appropriate behavior in your classroom, deal with the challenging behaviors, refocus problem behaviors, eliminate power struggles, and minimize potential triggers. You will also receive materials filled with lessons, techniques, and strategies for successfully managing and enjoying the art of teaching again. Teach your students to show mercy to all of God's children... including their teacher! 

Age Focused Workshops:
"The Challenges of Working With Middle School Students"​
Have you ever had the feeling you were drowning in a sea of behavior issues when working with young teens? Then this is the session for you. You will learn how to decode these mysterious beings we call adolescents and teach to the expectations for appropriate behavior in middle school age classes. You will also receive materials filled with lessons, techniques, and strategies for successfully managing and reigniting your passion for teaching!

Other age-group focused workshops are available on request.

​​​Promoting a Growth Mindset:
"Help!  I have extra classroom time and an energetic bunch of kids!"
In this workshop, you will learn and share some simple hands on lessons to fill extra time in the classroom.  However, these are not simply “filler” activities. We will discuss how to make these activities relevant to your curriculum, use them promote a life long passion for growth, and even more important… make it fun!

Top Keynote Speaker and Workshop Facilitator

Below, you will find summaries of my most requested conference workshops and keynote topics. Please contact me for more information!  Any of these topics can be tailored to your organization's particular needs.